King Simon (formally known as Simon TAB Templer) On-Air personality, Edu-tainer, Motivational Speaker, Producer, Promoter, and Author. It has been over 20 years since local Reggae artist Simon Templer became a top N.Y.C. producer, promoter & Radio/Television personality. Simon became an intern at S.O.B’s during the summer of 1995. Assistant to the publicist of that time, Gayle Horio, who helped him to understand the importance of strategic promotions in the world of music and entertainment. He thanks, S.O.B.’s owners Larry & Robin Gold for their continual respect and guidance throughout the years. King Simon’s first major promotion was the debut of Luciano at the Palladium (Union Square) starring Capleton on December 7, 1995. That same month Exodus FM was launched on the now-defunct WNWK 105.9FM. Exodus FM was a world beat music program produced by S.O.B.’s under the guidance of Larry Gold and Gayle Horio. The program was hosted by Simon Templer and Shadow. That’s when it all started, although Simon used to co-produce a 15-minute segment on Clive Hudson’s radio show in 1992, called The Introspection Show. However, it was in 1995 when he took flight to become one of the hottest, most comical and energized emcee/ promoter/ radio/ television host in the tri-state. Since Exodus FM, King Simon (Templer) has co-hosted various radio programs such as Monday Midnight Jams with a high school friend, General GT in 1996. In 1997 Simon did a historical segment on WNWK’s #1 Caribbean Program called, “Caribbean Blend.” Then in 1998, he was the host of “Jammin’s Radio Show,” produced by Jammin’ Productions. In 1999 Simon was one of those who joined WPAT programming after WNWK was sold. In between the time of his radio stint, Simon Templer also used to host a television program on BCAT that became the first Caribbean program on Cablevision (C-SPAN 2) from 1996 to 2001, called “Caribbean Soul TV.”

 It was in 2000 when Simon Templer sent an air check cassette to WWRL’s then program director, Bob Law, and the rest is history. In just a couple of month’s, he was propelled to a high position on WWRL programming, as co-host of the New WWRL Morning show with veteran broadcaster, Prince Kalunda. This show became the first successful Caribbean and R&B morning program on WWRL.In 2005, Simon has had his own very popular show on WWRL 1600AM called “In The Mix with Simon Templer” featuring DJ’s Fun Factory, On Track Disco, Muff Man, and Star Kid on Saturdays. He was also a part of the weekly WWRL Morning Talk Show with Karen Hunter and Steve Malzberg as board operator from 6am to 10am. King Simon is still a well-respected Producer, Promoter, Comedic Host & Media Personality throughout the Tri-State area and along the East Coast. He has been heard on various media outlets such as WLIB 1190am, WVIP 9.5fm (Formerly WRTN), WaahGwan Radio, Red Hot Radio, and too much more to mention.

King Simon still does various venues and show promotions and speaking engagements throughout the year for clubs, organizations, colleges, etc. and for many years Simon has been the official host of the Annual Reggae Cari-Fest held in NYC on Randell Island since 1998.

In King Simon’s continual evolution he now produces and promotes Self – Reliance (with the International Preparedness Network), Self – Knowledge, Health and Awareness through various productions featuring some of our world’s great minds such as: Aton Edwards, Abundance Child, Lloyd Strayhorn, Nysut: Amun Re Sen Atum Re/Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T., Aseer The Duke Of Tiers, High Priestess Het Heru, Noble Anpu, Taj Tarik Bey, Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Dr. Phil Valentine, Queen Afua and others.

Below is a Bio Pic of King Simon.

Bio Pic

King Simon is also a Disaster Awareness & Preparedness Instructor for a near 20 years with the International Preparedness Network founded by renown Author & Preparedness Guru, Aton Edwards (IPN – International Preparedness Network). Below are 2 picture of I.P.N. members getting ready for an Evacuation Walk through New York City and the other pic with us actually doing the walk.

Ready up 2The Evacuwalk 2012

Brother King Simon is also an author and a Numer-Logics Counselor/Consultant.

(The Ministry of Numer-Logics)

He has studied for over 10 years with renown Astro-Numerologist, Lloyd Strayhorn– Author of “Numbers and You.”

Below is a pic of Brother King Simon teaching Numer-Logics Thru Mathematics at The U.A.M. and his Numer-Logical book is called, “Number R Simple… People are Complicated.”

UAM speaking on Bill Cosby15436


Brother King Simon is an ordained Minister for

The Ministry of Numer-Logics, Numerovation, and Numeroversity, 

The Church of Spiritual Humanism and 

The Universal Life Center (Church). Est. 1977 


You can contact King Simon Productions, TAB Production & Booking Agency,

Brother Minister Simon

(T.A.B. Kweku Shaddiy Abd’iyl Muhammad)

The Natural Life & Unity Movement,

The Ministry of Numer-Logics,

Keep It Simple Society,

Numer – Logics Thru Mathematics Counselor,

for Various Speakers, Appearances, Hosting for Shows, Motivational Speaking, Work Shops, Seminars, Radio & Television, Advertisement, Marriage Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, and Funerals. 


Email us at,,,

or Call / Text 347.496.1022








  1. E.W. Washington

    May 24, 2014

    What is your email address?


  2. Taalib Abdul Wajiid Muhanmad

    July 29, 2015

    Greetings !
    It’s is a pleasure to see you after so many years. You look well keep up the good work.

  3. Why did you change your name from Simon Templar?


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